Ecclesia by Forss – An iPad Album

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Ecclesia is the latest Release of electronica artist Forss. In Collaboration with and Designer Leo Lass this audio visual Album was created.

The Ecclesia App combines the intriguing aspects of audio-reactive visual content and a strong atmospheric audio release within an emotional application. The deep and voluminous sound is visually transformed into an abstract meta-structure that might resemble an actual building / sculpture vaguely familiar and yet mystically strange. The idea of a cathedral as a physical architectural body is fragmented and invites the user to step inside and to explore the structure.

The duality of the project: modern combined with ancient; religious combined with secular; digital combined with analogue; processed music combined with field recordings, is reflected in the aesthetically wonderful multimedia iPad application that makes up the main Ecclesia release.

Creative Review: “Created by one of the founders of Soundcloud, Ecclesia is an interactive album for the iPad that allows listeners to take control of the artwork and sound for each track, making every experience of the album a unique one. Drawing its inspiration from church recordings, the app makes for an interesting contrast between the traditional and the contemporary.”

Ecclesia’s tracks are complemented by a series of sculptural visuals, which the listener can travel through and around, with each manipulation of the artwork having subtle effects on the sound of the track.
The music itself is derived from a series of church recordings, and uses fragments of strings, choirs, organs and ambient noises from church concerts. The beats and percussion are drawn from the sounds of various metal, wooden and stone objects.”

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