“Fake of Fortune” – New Season coming up

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Being big fans of the show, we’re happy to hear that art detective and leading art dealer Philip Mould continues his hunt for lost art treasures at the BBC.

Is there a chance you have an unknown Rembrandt or a forged Leonardo? The race is now on to discover unattributed treasures or counterfeits currently languishing in the dimly lit corridors of Britain. After securing high viewing figures for a programme of fine art in the first series, ‘Fake or Fortune?’ has been re-commissioned by BBC1 to set this crack art sleuthing duo on the trail of material to provide the perfect ‘Whodunnit’ art crime scene for next year.

Last year the BBC1 programme instigated the discovery of a painting by Winslow Homer, found near a rubbish tip, and later estimated at a quarter of a million dollars. The programme also investigated 17th century Dutch painting from the Courtauld collection that turned out to be a fake, a lost Monet, and a putative Rembrandt seized by the Nazis.

Filming in 2012 starts in January and runs through till March so time is definitely of the essence. Inclusion in the programme provides a unique opportunity to subject a work to the intense academic knowledge and scrutiny of Philip Mould, the gallery’s in-house art historian Dr Bendor Grosvenor as well as a team of outsourced forensic experts.

This is an unmissable opportunity for anybody probing into the provenance of a picture; an investigation of this quality would normally cost thousands of pounds to run. Philip Mould and Fiona Bruce are on the lookout NOW – the time is ripe to wipe away those cobwebs and reveal the lurking promise of a masterpiece in your attic. If you have a painting that you think Philip and Fiona should look at, please email philip @ philipmould.com.

Philip Mould Ltd is a leading specialist dealer in British art and Old Master Paintings – and the world’s leading authority on British Portraiture. Based in Dover Street in the heart of London’s fashionable art market, the gallery offers a large selection of fine paintings for sale, from Tudor and Jacobean panel pictures to 18th century landscapes, as well as works by Old Masters such as Titian and Van Dyck, and antique portrait miniatures. Exhibitions are regularly held in the gallery, which feature loans from national and international institutions as well as works owned by Philip Mould Ltd.

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“Meisterwerk oder Fälschung”, the german version of “Fake of Fortune” is up on Youtube by the way. The original version is here.