Kapow! A Great Story. That is Also Great Looking

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“Novel evokes Middle East’s Twitter revolution, with melting paragraphs and fold-out pages.” – Fast Company

- “A structured chaos of stories within stories, impossible to put down.” New York Times

“Kapow! Take that linear narratives!” – Creative Review

“A playful novel of typographic tricks.” -The Independent

Exploding with unfolding pages and multiple directions, Kapow! is a new book by British writer Adam Thirlwell. Set in the thick of the Arab Spring, it is guided by the high-speed monologue of an unnamed narrator — over-doped, over-caffeinated, overweight — trying to make sense of this history in real time.

A clever, funny, and bitingly critical cultural commentary, it uses spinning digressions to tell the stories of a group of interconnected characters in London and Egypt, each transformed by the idea of revolution.

Kapow! asks readers to open and unfold pages, to follow text leaking in and out of paragraphs, while progressively becoming part of and lost within the narrator’s giddy digressions.

A beautifully crafted object told in Thirlwell’s uniquely acrobatic voice, this is a visually immersive storytelling experience like no other.

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