TRASH – Documentary about Sampson Wilcox

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“TRASH” is a 2011 documentary film by independent filmmaker Michael J. Sirois about the artist Sampson Wilcox. The film’s style attempts to contrast two separate aspects of the artist, with two separate environments, aesthetic styles and contents. One aspect is that of the artist’s psyche and mental environement, whereas the other is that of his physical workspace environment. The film utilizes a technique of a somewhat psychoanalytic experimental documentation of the artist.

Sampson Wilcox was born in Portland, Maine, U.S.A. in 1987. He is an artist influenced by the discipline of Psychogeography. His art relies heavily on the act of walking to gather information and material.

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Situationist International: “THE GREAT FANZINI” by Sampson Wilcox & Michael J. Sirois

Situationist International performance in Worcester, MA. Situationism, a performance style, performed by artist Sampson Wilcox and captured by filmmaker Michael J. Sirois.