Flowerhead Olaf Hajek on Gestalten.TV

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In the verdant garden of illustration and art, many a different species thrive on the grounds. Some flourish in obscurity and some worship the sun. Every now and then you will find a plant of extraordinary beauty and resilience, marrying the magic and the real, the pop and the folk, the client’s wish and its own artistic ambition. Illustrator and Flowerhead author Olaf Hajek is one such rare example. Watch him come into full bloom in the latest of many cool new Gestalten.tv features. Unfortunately they wont let us embed them here, but that’s ok.

Olaf Hajek is one of the world’s most successful illustrators. His colorful work is infused with a folkloristic naivety and freshness and can be seen in publications such as The New York Times, in advertisements for companies such as Bacardi and even on postage stamps. Despite the diversity of his clientele, Hajek makes no aesthetic compromises. His characteristic style of “magic realism” is what makes his work appealing to a broad audience and range of clients.

Book: Flowerhead is Olaf Hajek’s first monograph. It presents an extensive collection of his commercial work as well as personal art that he created exclusively for the book.

→ www.olafhajek.com