Maus Creator Art Spiegelman Joins Occupy Comics‘ Growing Chorus

Posted June 12th, 2012 under Books, Business, Comics, Politics

Maus creator Art Spiegelman is the latest big name to join Occupy Comics, the graphic anthology that gives comics creators a platform for addressing the socioeconomic factors that spawned the Occupy protest movement.

Wired reports that “Spiegelman is contributing an out-of-print 2001 cover from The New Yorker that presciently dissected America’s crumbling economy to Occupy Comics‘ hardcover collection, slated to arrive in September.

“I’m proud to be included in this book,” Spiegelman told Wired by email. “Occupy is the seismograph of things to come.”

Occupy Comics No. 1, the first comic book to come out of the ongoing project, steadfastly refuses to take political sides on the anti-Wall Street movement and the financial crisis that triggered the protest. The just-released comic — available in physical and digital bundles from indie publisher Black Mask Studios‘ online store, with profits going to support the Occupy movement — serves up everything from how-tos for citizen journalists to pieces that place the multifaceted protest into historical perspective.

“The first issue drives home that this is about insightful reflections on the Occupy movement and its causes from a personal and nonpartisan point of view,” Occupy Comics organizer Matt Pizzolo told Wired by email. “Both parties are equally indicted. In my humble opinion, it never descends into polemic. It’s mainly a hopeful and positive book about unity and taking constructive action together.”

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Above: Writer Mark Sable and artist Megan Hutchison’s anecdotal “The One Percent Solution,” part of Occupy Comics’ debut issue, offers canny insight into Wall Street’s rich drones and cheap shots.