Royal Academy of Arts display works by children in a nod to Picasso

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“All children, as Pablo Picasso once said, are artists. But not many of them get the chance to see their work hanging in one of the world’s most prestigious galleries alongside pieces by artists such as Tracey Emin, Anselm Kiefer and Michael Landy.

That, though, is what is going to happen next week to three children aged nine and 10, all of whom have had work accepted into the Royal Academy of Arts in London’s world-renowned summer exhibition, which opens on Monday,” writes The Guardian. “The exhibition has been famous across its 244-year history for pitching emerging talent alongside contemporary greats – but never before, as far as the records of the Royal Academy can attest, has the emerging talent included school-age artists .

“It’s really unusual – the overwhelming majority of artists in the summer exhibition are adult professionals, although it is an entirely open show and absolutely anyone can enter,” said Jennifer Francis of the Royal Academy. “This year’s works have been chosen from more than 11,000 submissions, and the judging committee have been looking for the very best pieces of art, so for children to make it through is quite phenomenal.”

The judging process, said Francis, was entirely anonymous. The judges included Humphrey Ocean, Chris Wilkinson and Barbara Rae, chaired by the Academy’s president, Christopher Le Brun. “The committee sees every piece of work submitted, so the chosen pieces have to really stand out,” said Francis. There are 1,474 pieces, including works by Paula Rego, Keith Coventry plus Emin, Kiefer and Landy; about 350 more pieces than in last year’s show. “The fact that we have more work than usual may have given the scope for the children to come through – but it’s still quite remarkable,” said Francis.

The youngest artist in the exhibition is nine-year-old Maximilian Ghose, who painted his work – Atlantis – on a day when he wasn’t feeling well enough to go to school. “I said to Max, we’d better find something for you to do so you don’t get bored,” said his mother Alexandra. “I’m an artist, so I suggested he did a painting – and he did this piece using oils on linen, and managed to ruin his pyjamas in the process! It’s quite abstract, he’s used a lot of colour.”

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Image: Child’s play: Poppy Sendell, 10, is showing her work at an exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London this summer. Photograph: Linda Nylind for the Guardian