The C-LAB for art, science and technology

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C-LAB is an art collective and organisation that engages with critical and contemporary amalgamations of art, science and technology. Headed up by London-based artists, Howard Boland and Laura Cinti, it focuses on artistic explorations of meaning and idiosyncrasies involving life both organic and synthetic.

C-LAB is internationally recognised as an interdisciplinary art platform that generates and participates in both artistic and scientific forums brokering discussions on the intersections of art and science.

Recent activities include exhibiting living synthetic biology artworks at Techfest 2012, Mumbai, India and curating public art exhibitions for the EU funded European Public Art Centre – EPAC (2010-2012), a European-wide collaboration between organisations exhibiting public artworks focusing on art, science and society for which C-LAB is UK partner.

From the info: “C-LAB aims to be a body where artworks and ideas of culturally challenging nature can circulate and mature. This is a place where such stories, ideas and documentations can be accessed. To an extent, we are promoters of resistance aimed at challenging structures and ideas in our culture. We do not wish to be advocates of a world that is better to live in, to generate order out chaos or even be a mirror to the world. By hacking the codes of our culture we seek to create substances that circulates between our culture, reality and the other. From a theoretical stand we also open ourselves to texts in a more ephemeral way by using argumentations that allow inventions of new language. Even irrational rhetoric can be a linguistic construction that serves logic and our interest lies in texts that re-codes and break formal constructions. As organisations mature they have a tendency of formalising themselves into semi-academic bodies and our objectives is to resist this by allowing ruptures, disparities, irrationality and inventiveness. Finally, we want to be advocates of intensities and for intensities to be acted out with great expression.”

Please check out their site. There’s a lot to discover, like this database for example.