The Evolution of the Batman Logo

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Easily one of the most recognizable logos ever created, the design of the symbol and logo for Batman has changed many, many times while keeping it’s branding intact for decades. Before “The Dark Knight rises” at the movies again this summer (trailer below), we have a look at the history of the Batman logo and a lot of other logos written by one Todd Klein. A feast for designers and branding experts. Start reading here.

Jerry Robinson designed the logo for Batman No. 1 which you see above. He said: “I was never a calligrapher, so the letter shapes may not have been right, but the Art Deco look was intentional.” As a logo, I think it’s quite effective. It captures the essence of the idea Kane had back in Detective 31, but refines and improves it greatly. Note also that, while BATMAN has been one word for some time, his name remains punctuated and separated by the head. This would be true for many decades.”

The Evolution of the Batman Logo

Batman Icon's Mutation von conscience-tranquille

The Dark Knight likes to keep things fresh.

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