Grand Art Club – Another platform for selling art on the Internet

Posted July 24th, 2012 under Art Market, Auctions, Galleries, Germany, Internet

The Grand Art Club is a new site from Germany offering art from 66 galleries and 179 artists and it has just entered it’s public beta-phase. The platform charges 12.5% in case something gets sold and except for the focus on Germany (no English language version so far!) it doesn’t look much different than The Spotlist, Independent Collectors or the auctions at artnet for example.

Germany has a long history of stealing Internet ideas and coming up with German-only versions, but none of them ever survived very long and most of them were only created to be bought by the competition later on anyway. But what doesn’t work with other copycat projects might work in the art world where specializing in the art from a particular country actually makes more sense than having a gigantic warehouse selling everything from unicorn drawings to old masters…