In Conversation: Simon Critchley and Liam Gillick

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Internationally renowned philosopher Simon Critchley and acclaimed conceptual artist Liam Gillick discuss the intersection of their work around the topic of utopianism. By responding to a series of crowd-sourced prompts, the conversationalists will explore topics such as their collaborative projects, including Critchley’s The Faith of the Faithless (2012).

Simon Critchley. The Faith of the Faithless. 2010

Philosopher Simon Critchley speaking about utopianism and violence, politics, community and resistance in art in politics, based on his book “Infinitely Demanding: Ethics of Commitment, Politics of Resistance.” In this lecture, professor Critchley analogizes the Judeo-Christian concept of original sin as a metaphor for redemptive-cleansing violence, one which reflects extreme attachment to ideas. He ponders the movement of utopian impulse within communities linking contemporary art with contemporary radical politics. Simon Critchley concludes clarifying his concept of Infinitely Demanding as an ethical commitment seeking to exceed the limits of particularity or identity. The Faith of the Faithless, Experiments in Political Theology at the Dance Politics & Co-Immunity Workshop in Giessen, Germany, November 12th 2010.
Simon Critchley, Ph.D., is Chair and Professor of Philosophy at The New School, as well as a professor at the European Graduate School (EGS). Simon Critchley was born on February 27, 1960 in Hertfordshire, England. He is a world renowned scholar of Continental Philosophy and phenomenology. Much of his work examines the crucial relationship between the ethical and political within philosophy. Simon Critchley’s published work deals largely with disappointment and it’s relationship to philosophy; chiefly, religious or political disappointment. Simon Critchley’s published works include: Ethics-Politics-Subjectivity: Essays on Derrida(1999), Levinas, and Contemporary French Thought (1999) , Continental Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction(2001), On Humour (2002), and The Book of Dead Philosophers (2008). More at