MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch’s removal is urged

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Former MOCA chief executive Charles Young has written to trustee Eli Broad, calling the recent controversy surrounding director Jeffrey Deitch a ‘four-alarm fire’ and seeking his ouster.

Culture Monster reports from Los Angeles: “Charles Young, the former chief executive of the Museum of Contemporary Art, has urged the institution’s influential life trustee Eli Broad to remove museum director Jeffrey Deitch.

Other art world figures are calling for different changes in the museum’s leadership in the wake of controversial staff layoffs and board resignations.

In an email sent to Broad and obtained by the Los Angeles Times, Young, the former UCLA chancellor, characterized the recent controversy as “a four-alarm fire.”

He questioned Broad’s “support for Jeffrey, when many about you are no longer willing to give him any credence as a Director of a world-class museum, indeed believe his tenure is likely to take MOCA into the abyss…”

Broad, a longtime friend of Young, wields considerable power over the board because of the $30 million he pledged to the museum during its near-meltdown in the fall of 2008. He then brought Young in as interim chief executive to help steer the museum to financial health.

“I hope that the four-alarm fire now enveloping MOCA has at least given you pause for thought about his appointment and your continued attempts to try to save him for a job for which many (including myself) believe he is unqualified,” Young wrote to Broad. “The resignation of dedicated, long-term trustees, and especially four highly respected artists of international acclaim should bother you, David [Johnson], Maria [Bell] and the other continuing members of the Board. The question is ‘What is now to be done?’”

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