“The Highest” by Arthur Penn

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We got an ultra-rare treat here at ikono.tv: a 13-minute masterpiece by Arthur Penn (“Bonnie & Clyde”). You’re gonna love it.

The film was one of 8 films from the Munich Olympics 1972 film “Visions of Eight,”

In case you don’t know: After the shot of the torch, the remaining competitors are the medalists, Americans Jan Johnson and Bob Seagren and East German Wolfgang Nordwig. The exchange between Seagren and the official after Seagren’s last vault relates to an eleventh-hour ruling banning the Americans’ then-new carbon-fiber poles.

The complete film might show up on one of the german mediathek video-sites tomorrow. More screenings coming up: München 1972: Acht Regisseure sehen die Spiele (Mittwoch, 08. August 2012, 00:00 bis 01:50 Uhr, NDR)

IMDB: Visions of Eight is a film about the personal dreams which make the Olympic Games transcend the physical into the spiritual. when granted the authority to record the 1972 official film of the Games, the Wolper Organization elected to eschew the traditional documentary approach in favour of the human stories spelled out during the contests. Although the cameras recorded the tragic events surrounding the death of the Israli athletes, the film remains a non – political tribute to all the contestants and to the spirit of the Olympic Games.. Previous Olympic films were essentially sports reportage, an area now amply covered by television. This film is seen through the eyes of eight great directors, each of whom interpreted that part of the Olympiad spectacle that interested them most