Fake Chinese art scam in Canada

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“When a woman in British Columbia responded to an ad boasting great deals on art work in a Vancouver-based Chinese buy-and-sell publication, she wasn’t doing it to become an art aficionado.
Instead, she was hoping to resell a work by a renowned Chinese contemporary artist to help pay for medical treatment for her chronically ill son. She came out of it feeling like a fool — an appraiser told her it was fake,” writes Jeremey Nuttall of The Canadian Press.

“Lee told her story on the condition only her last name be used. She’s embarrassed, she said, because she gave the art dealer $3,000, only to end up with what a small claims court concluded were goods worth just $250.

Hugh Bulmer is the director of fine arts and antiques specializing in Asian art for the Vancouver auction house Maynards.

During the last four years, he said he has seen a marked increase in people trying to pass off copies of Chinese artwork as originals in Vancouver.

“The market is full of it,” he said.

“And you can guarantee that if something sold for a million dollars in Hong Kong last week, it will be copied and will be on the streets of Vancouver this week.”

Lee’s son has been in poor health since becoming ill overseas almost a decade ago. She said she sold her house and almost everything she had to pay for his medical care.

So, when the single mother saw an ad claiming unbeatable prices on valuable Chinese art, the eternally optimistic woman’s curiosity was aroused and she called the dealer.”

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