Korean Artist Project launches new website

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The Korean Artist Project, which comprises three-year plan spanning from 2011 to 2013, is a global online platform that presents a series of virtual exhibitions featuring artworks by Korean contemporary artists. Its mission is to promote them internationally, allowing them to enter into the global art arena.

Since its inception on 5th December 2011, KAP is now entering its second year. Including 2011 and 2012 KAP, a total of 42 participating artists were selected by a number of curators from 19 national art museums and then juried by Korean and international art critics.

Featuring Virtual Exhibitions of Artworks by 42 Participating Korean Artists

Korean Artist Project is an online platform which is designed to present a series of virtual exhibition spaces of each participating artist and also its virtual exhibitions are curated by a number of curators from art museums in nationwide. Through this effective and informative Website, the Website users worldwide are able to enjoy the virtual exhibitions and meet a variety of Korean contemporary artists wherever and whenever they want beyond national boundaries.

Open-Source Digital Archiving System & Vivid Artist Interviews

The open-Source digital archiving system handles large collections of artworks by participating artists and artists information including biographies, artist and critic notes.

The Website users also can see vivid interviews of each participating artist. Through the interviews, the users are able to get insight into the artists’ art world as well as their intentions of works. For each artist interviews, the KAP team have visited their ateliers to produce and create the interview videos.

Sharing KAP Artists’ Exhibition News & Related Information

Through the Timeline Calendar located on the main page, KAP Website shares information on KAP artists’ exhibition news with the users. Furthermore, the latest relevant Korean contemporary art news and related information keep the Website users up to date through the What’s On page.

Participation of Google Art Project 2012 as a Korean Partner

The Korean Art Museums Association was selected as a Korean partner by global art online platform, Google Art Project. As a result, all 2011/2012 KAP artists have successfully participated in the Google Art Project, further promoting Korean contemporary art to the world.

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