The Medici – Makers of Modern Art, Godfathers of the Renaissance

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Andrew Graham-Dixon reveals how the Medici family transformed Florence through sculpture, painting and architecture and created a world where masterpieces fetch millions today.

Without the money and patronage of the Medici we might never have heard of artists such as Donatello, Michelangelo or Botticelli. Graham-Dixon examines how a family of shadowy, corrupt businessmen, driven by greed and ambition, became the financial engine behind the Italian Renaissance.

The Medici – Makers of Modern Art (HD)

Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance

Below you find the 4 episodes about the Medici from the PBS series “Empires”.

“Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance” tells the story of a violent, dramatic and compelling age; a critical turning point in Western history. Travel back in time to see the real human stories behind the European Renaissance, and the family that bankrolled it.

1. Birth of a Dynasty

Wealthy Florentine banker Cosimo de’ Medici’s search of Europe for relics of antiquity sparks classical learning and inventive thinking. From the PBS series “Empires”

2. The Magnificent Medici

Lorenzo de’ Medici becomes a driving force of the Renaissance; monk Savonarola promotes fundamentalist purification of Florence after the death of Lorenzo de’ Medici.

3. The Medici Pope

Giovanni de’ Medici becomes Pope Leo X in 1513 and begins to sell indulgences to restore papal funds; Martin Luther protests the selling of indulgences.

4. Power vs. Truth

Giorgio Vasari writes a book to define the Renaissance; Galileo pursues his scientific studies with the support of the Medici family.