Women Boycot ‘Only Women Women Only’ Show

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A frequent debate amongst feminists is whether women should organise sometimes separately from men. In the exhibition Only Women Women Only (OWWO) at this year’s Edinburgh Art Festival only works by women artists will be on display and, in a radical move, ONLY women will be admitted to the exhibition.

Women artists are invited to come along and work within the space and create art that will be displayed throughout September, a rare opportunity to chat with fellow artists and discuss their work in a gallery environment. With artists in residence working on site.

- This comes in the wake of Marina Abramovic’s women-only lecture for Meltdown 2012 in London. The artist herself The Guardian, “Why not do something strange and different for once? Artists can do whatever they want!” Well, a “Women Only” show is not exactly a new idea and every time someone tried it didn’t work out too well. The same goes for the show in Edinburgh. The Scotman writes that “the female-only exhibition in Edinburgh has been met with an unexpected backlash from women. The curator of the Only Women Women Only event (OWWO) had braced herself for an irate reaction from males. But, contrary to her expectations, men have largely greeted their exclusion with apparent indifference, while a number of women have taken offence and branded the policy sexist and discriminatory.

Sarah Wilson, who is behind the single-sex show at the Summerhall arts venue, formerly the Royal School of Veterinary Studies, was taken aback by the strength of opinion. She said: “Men are not really that bothered that they are not allowed to see the exhibition, but it has annoyed a lot of women. It’s definitely women who have complained the most.”

Read the wole story at the Scotsman.

Image by Guerilla Girls from Cult Status Gallery.