Art Restaurants – When Art and Food Unite

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Art Restaurants and Galleries Bring a New Appreciation to the Dining Experience.

“Restaurants are a great medium for art if you get it right,” says Mr. Hix, who curated much of the artwork at Mayfair restaurant Scott’s and at his Soho restaurant, Hix. “If there’s a connection and story behind the work, that is. You cannot just go shopping for art. I am friends with the artists, so it helps. They’ve chosen the piece, with a good story attached to it.”

The Wall Street Journal: “There has long been an association between art and restaurants. Many of the Post-Impressionist painters would famously pay for their meals in paintings, and restaurants such as the Colombe d’Or ( in Provence have walls filled with offerings from impoverished and hungry artists. “Picasso and Miró ate there and it still exists as a restaurant showing art works, which, when they were given to the owner of the Colombe d’Or, were probably worth rather less than a good bowl of coq au vin,” says art critic Rachel Campbell-Johnston. “They would now buy you a whole vineyard, or chicken farm for that matter.”

Mr. Hirst says it is a natural symbiosis. “Whenever I’ve made any money I’ve always celebrated with food—great meals in great restaurants,” the English artist says. “A lot of my good friends are chefs. I believe that anything done well is art, and great food is like great art but without the evidence.”

Italian-born Valeria Napoleone, who collects the work of only female artists and holds regular dinners for friends including David Hockney and designer Tom Dixon, has just written the recipe book “Valeria Napoleone’s Catalogue of Exquisite Recipes,” on the relationship between art and food. The two, she says, go hand in hand. “All the openings are followed by dinners,” she says. “[Food] is very much a presence in the art world… Artists have always gotten together over a meal. Food as art, however, requires a lot of talent.”

Read on at The Wall Street Journal where you can also find links to “art restaurants” worldwide like Berlin’s Zagreus Projekt.

Photo by Volker Kreidler from the ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ exhibition by Artists Anonymous at Berlin’s Zagreus Projekt.