Do Computers dream about flowers?

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Hana gives something back to the computers that help us do our work every day:

Creator Andreas Müller writes “I wanted to give them a new experience and the furthest I could think of from a computer was a flower, so I decided to create them a piece of software that would help them dream about flowers.

The idea is that no process of creating the flowers is hidden from the computer, therefore the software incorporates no bitmaps not created through code by the computer and no decisions made in the program that the computer can not follow the logic of in the code.

If the computer had the capability, it should be able to think and feel it’s way through as much of the creation of the flowers as possible.

Do Computers dream about flowers?

Some screenshots of the process can be seen here:

An OSX (Beta) screen saver for 2nd gen Macbook and above is now available here:

The standalone version currently runs on Windows and OSX.