Karl Friedrich Schinkel – The Research Project

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The project “Schinkel’s Legacy”, supported by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Education and Research, comprises all essential functions of advanced museum research in step-by-step “translations”:

It refers to a complex and extremely representative collection of about 5,000 water colours, gouache paintings and drawings, mostly by the artist’s own hand, and some 500 prints – the legacy of Karl Friedrich Schinkel at the Berlin Museum of Prints and Drawings.

It will further develop the conditions of ideal preservation of cultural assets in the full awareness as regards physical changes transforming the cultural heritage due to ageing. It will significantly raise the level of practical conservation on the basis of clime, storage and art-technological analysis.

It serves in the indexing of the collection and aims to render Schinkel’s legacy publicly accessible both to experts and laypersons in an online catalogue through innovative digitalisation and cataloguing technologies.

It comprises the art historical and theoretical investigation of Schinkel’s diverse oeuvre. This module focuses on the question regarding Schinkel’s historical notions. In expert conferences, publications and presentations, renowned academics investigate the significance of early historism in Europe. In doing so, one has to shed light on the to this day fundamentally important but mostly forgotten transformation achievements of pictures, buildings and decorations from the first half of the 19th century as the historical reference period for the contemporary debate regarding reconstruction and deconstruction.

The project’s crowning glory will be the genuinely core function of a museum: display, explanation and intermediation. A large exhibition including international loans will demonstratively translate the research results and the process of modern science.

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