Street Art: A Day in the Life of Daim

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Hinz&Kunzt presented their StrassenKunztEdition for the first time. Twice a year Hamburg’s street magazine will offer the works of Street-Art artists in a limited edition for sale.

The first object was created by DAIM, who internationally has earned a reputation as a graffiti writing artist. He lives and works in Hamburg. “I have been starting to spray my pictures on the streets more than twenty years ago. Step by step I conquered the „internal space“. Now I am very happy to help those people who are forced to live on the street.“

The well-known art collector Rik Reinking from Hamburg chose the selection of artists. He has been dealing with street art for years. Street-Art first stormed the streets and has now reached the galleries and museums. The proceeds of the edition’s sale go 50% to the artists and 50% to Hinz&Kunzt.

“Hinz&Kunzt and Street-Art have a common ground: Both are mobile on the streets“ claims Jens Ade, CEO of Hinz&Kunzt. “With this edition we want to offer the art lovers the opportunity to buy an original piece of art and support the project at the same time.“

From Daim.og.

Along with the show came up a cool video showing the artist at work at his studio. Nice one.

A Day in the Life of Daim

Fünf Tage aus dem Alltag von DAIM / Künstler / Hamburg / August 2012
Camera & Editing: Christian Brodack /
Idea: Michael Ploj & Christian Brodack

Corner to Corner
Presentation of street magazine Hinz&Kunzt’s first “StrassenKunztEdition” in cooperation with ReinkingProjekte at “Die Kupferdiebe Galerie im Gängeviertel”, Hamburg.

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