Subculture Films – 60 Years of Rebel Fashion

Posted September 28th, 2012

Documentaries, England, Fashion, Music, Subculture

Subculture Films, a new documentary series celebrating British subcultures, reminds us what happened when fashion, music and mutliculturalism collide.

Subculture Films is a unique project, documenting the evolution of street style, music and counter culture over the last 60 years. From the original Mods and Teds, the immense influence of Black heritage, UK punk and the worldwide impact the late 20th century’s cultural revolution. The first episode in the series looks at the birth of British youth subculture with the arrival of Teddy Boys and Rockers and features interviews with Phill Jupitus and Robert Elms.

The Guardian: “In its constant quest for cool, fashion has always been keen on subcultures. Designers love nothing better than exploring references only known by the in-the-know. Over the past few years, movements namechecked include mod (Marc Jacobs), rockers (Balmain) and rave (Raf Simons). Prepare for more next spring – collections explore punk (Maarten van der Horst, Sibling) and skaters. Young designer Thomas Tait even staged his London fashion week show in a skate park.

While these scenes have become familiar style fodder, a documentary produced by Fred Perry and directed by Don Letts provides one yet to be completely plundered by the fashion world. See the British soul scene from the late 60s to the early 80s – a time when northern soul and the southern soul-boy scene developed in tandem.”

Subculture Films

Watch the six-part 60 years of Subculture Films in full here. The six Subculture films examine various subcultures through the ages, from Teds to Rockers, Mods to Skinheads, Soul Boys to Punks, and Rave to Britpop – right up to the trends of today.