Defence d’Afficher – Interactive Street Art Documentary

Posted October 26th, 2012 under Documentaries, Featured, Street Art, Videos

Defence d’Afficher
Defence d’Afficher is an incredible interactive documentary written by Sidonie Garnier, François Le Gall & Jeanne Thibord. Defence d’Afficher contains short video portraits of some of the most amazing street artists from NYC, Paris, Nairobi, Sao Paulo, Singapore and more… The individual films provide an in-depth look at each artist, their motives and their perspectives on the surrounding city. Find all 8 movies and unlock a custom screensaver created by the artists.

There an English and a french version.

(Designed and animated by Greg Mignolini & Adrian Gandour)

Post No Bills (Défense d’afficher) is also a 1896 French short black-and-white silent comedy film, directed by Georges Méliès, featuring two bill posters squabbling over a poorly guarded wall. The film, long thought lost, was recovered in 2004.