Seed – A Short Film by Tyson Wade Johnston

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“Seed” is a new film by Tyson Wade Johnston set in the year 2071, where technology has brought mankind to the brink of colonization on a planet named Gaia, one astronaut takes on an isolated mission and discovers unearthly horrors that could bring an end to human life on this planet.

Director : Tyson Wade Johnston
Producers: Tyson Wade Johnston, Justin Zachary
Writers: Tyson Wade Johnston, Justin Zachary
Cinematographer: Justin Anderson
Music by: Zach Lemmon
Sound Design & Mix: Brandon Jones
Visual Effects Supervisor: Rolf Mohr
3D Artwork & Modeling: Rolf Mohr, A.J. Trahan, Michael Pedro, Bradley Jeansonne, Jeff Arthur, Dean Fowler
Visual Effects and Compositing: Tyson Wade Johnston
Film Editor: Tyson Wade Johnston
Cast: Justin Zachary, Christopher Desroches, Georgia Boonen, Melanie Presson
Executive Producers: D’arcy Johnston, Kim Shirelle, Barron Vonn Boedecker
Assistant Director, Script Supervisor: Brendon Bradford
Grip, Gaffer: Hugh Hinton

Seed was a passion project we shot on a minimal budget. Inspired by 60′s & 70′s science fiction.

EXIST – Short Film

Two men accidentally find themselves in the middle of the worlds first encounter with extraterrestrial life.
Directed by Tyson Wade Johnston.