Shabda – India’s Video Archive for Performing Arts

Posted October 15th, 2012 under Dance, India, Music, Performances, Talks, Videos

Shabda is a project aimed at creating an online archive of the various aspects pertaining to the Indian Performing Arts. As performing artistes, we realized that a lot of valuable knowledge content on Indian performing arts is either unavailable or not in the proper form of documentation. Therefore it is a humble effort of ‘shabda’ to make it otherwise. Each speaker will beading with a specific aspect of their art in an analytical and comprehensive manner. Therefore the lectures will be for a duration of 20 minutes to ensure that it is focussed. Visualizing a Composition – Smt Priyadarshini Govind from Shabda on Vimeo.

Global Voices: “Started by three musicians, T.M. Krishna, H.K. Venkatram and Shriram Kumar, Shabda aims to bring Indian arts and culture to a wider audience.

Inspired by the TED talk format, Shabda’s creators invite experts in music, dance or theatre to give a lecture on the topic of their choice for twenty minutes.

A Shabda event has six to eight speakers, including talks for both scholars and those less knowledgeable about Indian arts. The founders hope that as well as being a source of information, the site will become a constructive, interactive community.

The lectures, which are all in English, cover a wide range of subjects.”

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Image from Lassi with Lavina