A Facebook Profile Picture Exhibition at the Louvre or the Met Museum?

Posted November 1st, 2012 under Internet, Portraits

Facebook Profile Picture
Should big museums have a Facebook Profile Picture Exhibition with digital mugshots of random people who clicked on “like” somewhere on this Internet? Yes, that does sound a bit silly indeed, but then again, hey, why not? Portraits have been only for the wealthy who could afford their place in history through art long enough in a way.

So, The Profile Picture Exhibition is working to get profile photos shown at leading art museums like the Louvre in Paris and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The institutions have accepted the proposition already, CNET reports, but require that the project reach one million likes on Facebook. If the project reaches its goal, every person who liked it will have their mug on display in the exhibition. Right now they don’t have more than 3,000 Likes, but then again 4 years old Abigael crying because she’s “tired of Bronco Bamma” and that Mitt Romney guy got 1.5 million hits out of nowhere last night.

“The thing that hit us the most was that over 1 billion of us have Facebook profile pictures now, a seventh of the entire globe, and if our profile pics can be considered art, the profile picture phenomenon has to be the biggest art movement of all time,” Beale told CNET. “A truly humbling thought.”

The concept of the Facebook Profile Picture Exhibition is to “democratize portraiture,” the creators Ben Beale and Rory Forrest say. “Democratizing the arts”, oh, well, if we had a dollar for every time we heard that one in recent years….

The Facebook Profile Picture Exhibition