A Warhol Facebook Profile Makeover

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Facebook Makeover
To celebrate the NARS Andy Warhol Holiday Collection, NARS launches a new Facebook application that allows beauty fans to achieve their very own “15 minutes” of fame by making over their Facebook Profile and Cover photos, inspired by the new collection.

NARS Andy Warhol Collection includes a range of cosmetics products like an eyeshadow palette with Warhol’s portrait and an essentials kit packaged in a film canister.

NARS energized its robust online community by taking its tribute to the pop art icon a step further. The company created the NARS Profile Makeover app in which users can “Warholize” their Facebook profile for a visual makeover.

Users can pull images from their Facebook photos, desktop images or take a new picture from their webcam. They can then assemble images and templates that combine Warhol’s artistic touch and NARS’ branding.

Check out the app here.