Art for Tibet – Silent auction for a Free Tibet

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Art for Tibet
On December 1st, 2012, 6pm-9pm, the Tibet House in New York is having a silent art auction by a number of artists to benefit Students for a Free Tibet.

Art for Tibet – Ryan McGinness, Mark Borthwick, Sasquatch 23, Michael Avedon, Bwana Spoons, Kenji Hitara, Cody Hudson, Rostarr, Kiino Villand, and Shepard Fairey are among the artists represented.

For those who don’t live in New York or are to lazy to leave the house, you can join via the online auction on the magic Internet. The bidding is open.

ART FOR TIBET is an annual charity auction that showcases work from a diverse international pool of established and emerging artists, including a growing number of outstanding contemporary Tibetan artists. For many Tibetan artists this show is a rare and vital opportunity to express their artistic voices and exhibit their work without risk of imprisonment.

Art plays a vital role in Tibetan culture, and has long been a profound tool for social and political change. In a more immediate sense, this auction raises critical funds for Students for a Free Tibet (SFT): a nonprofit global grassroots network that campaigns for Tibetans’ fundamental rights to freedom and human rights and trains young Tibetan and non-Tibetan youth worldwide in strategic nonviolent action.

Visit to learn more.

Image: Kylin, “Dtsi Legomandala,” combining the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual practice of creating and ritualistically dismantling ornate sand mandalas with the contemporary medium of LEGO.