Art Trade Yale puts art in dorm rooms

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Art Trade Yale
Art Trade is a new undergraduate organization founded to open up the arts at Yale to the wider community of students and faculty who are not directly involved in the arts. Student artists, designers, architects, photographers and sculptors are producing incredible work on campus. Art Trade thinks everyone will get a lot out of opportunities to make that work more accessible, more visible, and more influential. Art Trade ‘s first event coming up this fall is The Art Rent, a 3 day exhibition and silent auction where students and faculty can take original pieces home to keep for the remainder of the year.

The Yale Daily News writes: “Undergraduates bored by the blank walls of their dorm rooms will soon have a new decorating option from Art Trade, Yale’s newest undergraduate art group.

Art Trade, which began in September, seeks to involve the student body in Yale’s vibrant art scene, co-president and artist Katie White ’13 said. This weekend, Art Trade will host its debut event, titled Art Rent. A three-day exhibition of student artwork, Art Rent differs from traditional art exhibitions by allowing gallery-goers to take art home with them for a semester, White said.

“I felt like there [were] a lot of other students who weren’t necessary involved in the arts, who wanted a way to be involved in the arts,” said Dana Glaser ’13, co-president of Art Trade. “We wanted it to be about the artists getting their work out and using Art Trade as a forum to reach a wider audience.”

In addition to engaging students who are not currently involved in Yale’s visual arts scene, Glaser said she hopes to provide undergraduate artists with a venue to display their work outside of the classroom. White said that while artists and art professors see students’ work in class, students who are not majors rarely witness the full breadth of an art student’s portfolio. Although the School of Art hosts an exhibit of undergraduate work every semester, students are often unable to display as much work as they would like.

Glaser and White said that Art Rent was inspired by Jonathan Edwards College’s annual art rental event, at which JE auctions its art to students who are then able to hang the college’s paintings, posters and prints in their rooms for a small fee. But while JE’s art rental provides professional works of art to students, the Art Trade team solicited requests for artwork from undergraduates, receiving over 50 pieces from 16 different artists.”

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