French Artists get Lost in LA

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lost in LA

lost in LA
LOST (in LA) is an exhibition and an innovative dialogue between LA artists and French artists. It reproduces the quintessential Los Angeles experience of being lost in the heart of this metropolis. Layers of time and space appear to be interlaced together atop a hill hidden in the middle of the city.

LOST – one of the influential TV series of this decade – is considered by many artists as a source of inspiration as well as disappointment, as it struggles to deliver a true formal link that would connect the different layers of time and space. The exhibition comes from the desire expressed by artists to create this formal link. On this hill located between the Hollywood sign, Venice Beach, South Central and Downtown LA, these different layers of time and space intercept, connect, disconnect and reconnect again.

LOST in LA will weave 60 artworks and an extraordinary venue into an intriguing adventure where layers of time and space appear to be interlaced together atop a hill hidden in the middle of this vast city. The current artist list in formation includes Stephan Balkenhol, Michel Blazy, André Breton, Valentin Carron, Guy de Cointet, Philippe Decrauzat, Bertrand Dezoteux, Daniel Dewar & Gregory Gicquel, Vincent Ganivet, Camille Henrot, Thomas Hirschhorn, Fabrice Hyber, Nathan Hylden, Mike Kelley, Robert Kinmont, Vincent Lamouroux, Laurent Le Deunff, René Magritte, Man Ray, Tony Matelli, Philippe Mayaux, Mathieu Mercier, Laurent Montaron, Robert Overby, Julien Prévieux, Jim Shaw, Alexandre Singh, Tatiana Trouvé, Oscar Tuazon, Jean-Luc Verna, Robert Watts, and Marnie Weber.

“When FLAX came to me with the concept of a joint exhibition, we sought to find a way to combine France’s deep connection with the Contemporary Art movement and Los Angeles’ roots in compelling storytelling. I am proud to say that with LOST (in LA) we have surpassed our original expectations” said Jean de Loisy, Palais de Tokyo President.
LOST in LA supports the exchange and dialogue that FLAX thrives to promote through various connections made between France and Southern California. We are thrilled that Marc- Olivier Wahler is bringing together this outstanding group of artists to the heart of Los Angeles. It is our most ambitious project to date, and we plan to launch other initiatives throughout Los Angeles and surrounding communities,” said Elisabeth Forney, FLAX Executive Director.

Visitors to Lost in LA will “find themselves cast as characters in a fabulous drama”, according to the organisers. Upon entering the park, visitors can tune their car radios to a channel playing a piece by the artist Laurent Montaron. Inside the venue, an undulating roof constructed by Vincent Lamouroux will connect the two aisles of the exhibition space, says Marc-Olivier Wahler, the former director of the Palais de Tokyo, the contemporary art centre in Paris.

Another quirky element of the programme is “Paris At Your Home”, a joint venture between the non-profit Machine Project in Los Angeles and the Mains d’Oeuvres art centre in Paris. “French artists will come to Los Angeles to live with people from the art world and produce [art] in their homes in January. Then Angeleno artists will do the same in Paris during the spring,” says Adelaide Barbier, the cultural attaché at the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles.

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Lost in LA
- In case you haven’t seen LOST, it’s a highly addictive show which is also known as the biggest con in TV history. It’s not a bad show, but the end of Season 6 was the biggest disappointment in entertainment history since Star Wars Episode I came out. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Well, we got two clips you might to want to check out though.

LOST – David Lachapelle Promo

Everything you need to know about LOST in 8:15 minutes

Image: Philippe Mayaux’s Night City, 2011-12