James Powderly – Robot Master, Open Source Provocateur

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James Powderly
James Powderly is an aerospace dropout turned super-hybrid engineer designer who co-founded Graffiti Research Lab and F.A.T. and most recently worked on the award-winning Eyewriter project which won the prestigous ARS Gold Award. He was a part of the team that developed and operated the Mars Exploration Rover’s Rock Abrasion Tool and built a 4-meter, wall-drilling robot for Diller + Scofidio’s retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Inspired by another corporate engineering dropout, James Powderley left aerospace engineering for a residency at New York art and technology center Eyebeam to refine his visual aesthetic, which he’s taken all over the world.

Making Giant Graffiti With Lasers

James has been awarded grants, fellowships, detentions and commissions for his own work, including an Award of Distinction in 2006 from Ars Electronica. His art and design projects have been shown on six continents, including multiple exhibitions at both the Tate Modern and the MoMA, and his first movie, GRL: The Complete First Season, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. His work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and the permanent collection of robotic debris on the planet Mars, but you can find it year-round on the web and on other people’s property all over the world. James lives in Berlin, Germany and sleeps with a cat named Schnitzel. Check out his videos on Vimeo.

The Creators Project Meets James Powderly

Location: Seoul, South Korea (by way of New York, NY, United States)
Profession: Artist, designer, robotic engineer, Professor at Hongik University in Seoul
Website: Graffiti Resarch Lab
Free Art & Technology
Notables: Along with Evan Roth, founded and runs Graffiti Resarch Lab; LED Throwies; L.A.S.E.R. Tag; EyeWriter Project with Tony Quan, Evan Roth, Chris Sugrue, Zach Lieberman,Theo Watson
James Powderly uses:
• Panasonic projectors
• Wicked Laser lasers
• Mac Laptop
• Watec Camera
• Pinnacle USB capture device
• Honda generator

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