Museums Sites – A Software Solution for Museums and Galleries

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Museums Sites
Museums Sites was created to fulfil one special purpose: to provide small and medium-sized museums with a set of integrated, beautifully designed, professional tools for managing and publishing their collections and their website at a fraction of the cost required by separate systems.

Museums Sites is more than a simple web platform or a shared collection publishing tool. It is an integrated solution to:

manage the collection, using a SPECTRUM compliant collection management system.
create and maintain a website, with exhibitions, events and any other type of information, including templates optimised for mobile phones.
publish the collection online.
manage images, documents and multimedia for internal as well as for publishing purposes (DAMS).
share data with others (API).

The current scenario
If you work in a small museum, chances are that you have a limited operational budget and limited human resources. Software to manage your own collection is either expensive, not very sophisticated or difficult to use. Your website can be created with free tools such as WordPress, but without in-house technical expertise it may be problematic to configure WordPress to properly display your collection, exhibitions and list events with an event calendar. Your collections are in some sort of database, but it is difficult to put them online, unless you recreate objects one by one on WordPress. Your images are on several hard disks and computers, with no index to speak of. Museums Sites takes care of all of that, offering a comprehensive solution to meet most needs of a small to medium-sized museum.

Museums Sites exists in two editions.

– The Standard edition, which has unlimited objects and editors, and plenty of support time at a low monthly cost. This comes with a free 60-day trial.
– The Free edition, with up to 50 objects and one editor – perfect for really small institutions or as a great start on Museums Sites.

You can start with the Free edition and upgrade to the Standard one later.