The Plan to catalogue UK’s (indoor) public sculptures

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public sculptures
As it wraps up a project to document the nation’s paintings, the Public Catalogue Foundation turns to sculpture.

The Art Newspaper reports: ” After its project to record the UK’s 210,000 oil paintings in public collections, the Public Catalogue Foundation is now turning to sculpture. The plan is to produce the first illustrated database of sculptures in galleries and public buildings. No other country has attempted this.

Andrew Ellis, the director of the foundation, estimates that there will be about 70,000 sculptures to cover. He wants to deal with those that are kept inside buildings, rather than in the open air (outdoor works are currently being recorded by the Public Monuments & Sculpture Association). Antiquities would also be excluded, so the foundation’s catalogue might begin with the medieval period. Work by both British and foreign sculptors would be covered.

Although the current paintings project is published in both book form and online , the sculpture catalogue would be web-only. This reflects the fact that the web has overtaken print publication for this sort of catalogue, but it also offers further advantages.”

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Photo : “Aeolus” by Luke Jerram