International Art Cops want to bust Banksy

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International Art Cops
Hardworking officers Campbell and Vis write tickets to artists and gallerists in an attempt to uphold the general rules of art. It must be stressed that this pedestrian form of criticism has no role in defining good or bad art. Racing car drivers are often ticketed for speeding, but their driving skills are not in question.

Many citations have been written and numerous violations have been avoided due to their continued presence on the art beat. So, you better follow orders or the Art Cops will get very angry.

Last week the Art Cops had to police the Art Basel Miami art fair to make sure everybody is following the rules. The Miami New Times rode along with the Art Cops and wrote a hardboiled tale about two men who are only doing their job:

“When reflecting on the worst of the violators, one name came immediately to Officer Viz’ mind:

“Damien Hirst. He has a ticket from about five years ago that he never paid. And his titles are too pretentious, so there’s that, too.

“Cindy Sherman. We’ve been looking for her. The titles are unimaginative,” Vis said. “Really, though, ‘Untitled’ was one of the biggest violations this year and was all over the place. What’s worse is when it’s ‘Untitled’ and then parenthetically ‘(blue dog)’ or something. What?”

art cops on duty

But their most elusive quarry is that great white, stenciled whale, Banksy. And with Stephan Kezsler’s controversial display of site-removed Bansky wall pieces at CONTEXT, this seemed like the perfect time for the Art Cops to make a bust. The offending work? Banksy’s Kissing Coppers, depicting two English constables smooching. The problem? No one knows who Banksy is. ”

Read the complete report from the scene of the crime at The Miami New Times.

Art criminals of the world beware: the Art Cops are watching you. Except for when they’re not, which is most of the time, when Vis and Campbell are making art as Generic Art Solutions. As with the Art Cops, they play every role in their Generic Art Solutions projects, which include video, sculpture and photography. For their gallery, visit the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery at

Photos: Courtesy of Jonathan Ferrara Gallery