Shooting The Past – TV Drama on the Power of Photos

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Shooting The Past
Shooting The Past, a television drama by Stephen Poliakoff, focusses around a photographic library threatened by closure, and the lives of its eccentric staff. It features Timothy Spall and Lindsay Duncan, was awarded Best Drama Series at the Royal Television Society Awards of the same year and received other international awards, including the Prix Italia.

The Design Observer writes in a long review: ” If you love photography and you haven’t seen it, then this is a film you need in your life. For 194 minutes, Shooting the Past dwells on the often ineffable mystery, beauty and power of the static photograph. It’s a film that haunts the memory for years, and masterpiece is the right word.
The story is set in the Fallon photo library, a fictitious institution on the outskirts of London modeled on the old Hulton Picture Library acquired by Getty in 1996 — Hulton Getty licensed more than 600 pictures for use in the film and supplied 14,000 prints and other kinds of photo-related ephemera as props. An American corporation has bought the building, a grand old country house, and plans to ditch the unwanted library and turn it into the American School of Business for the 21st Century. The company’s smooth professional manager, Christopher Anderson (Liam Cunningham), and his officious, laptop-carrying assistant, have arrived to oversee the development, which the library’s director, Marilyn Truman (Lindsay Duncan), claims to know nothing about; we discover why as the story unfolds.”

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We have embedded all three episodes below. Watch them full-screen and click the little wheel for sweet 720p HD.

Shooting The Past – Complete Series (HD)

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Marilyn Truman – Lindsay Duncan
Oswald Bates – Timothy Spall
Christopher Anderson – Liam Cunningham
Veronica – Billie Whitelaw
Spig – Emilia Fox
Nick – Blake Ritson
Garnett – Arj Barker
Styeman – Andy Serkis

Shooting The Past was produced by TalkBack Productions for BBC Two and first shown in 1999.

There is a fansite here with lots of more information and related links.