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Dot Dash 3 – A New Virtual Gallery Platform

Posted February 15th, 2013

Galleries, Internet, Virtual Art

Dot Dash 3 (“Art” written in Morse Code) wants “to use technology to make thought-provoking art accessible to all. Technology has enabled people across the world, whether they are true art connoisseurs or not to view much more art than what would previously have been physically possible to accomplish in a lifetime, to appreciate and engage in thoughtful contemplation and discourse about the issues of our times.

Dot Dash 3 was founded as a way to encourage and facilitate that discourse and discovery, to promote art to everyone interested to take a look without physical boundaries. By the same token, Dot Dash 3 is a platform that allows artists and curators to curate and stage their own exhibitions, as well as show their work using cutting edge visualization technology to cultivate and expand their collector base. ”

Artists showcased on the Dot Dash 3 site have been carefully selected and invited to participate by a team of internationally recognized curators.

Dot Dash 3 is committed to not only help provide a means of funding for artists selling their work through the site, but also to fund specific non-profit art initiatives.”

The Creators Project: “One of the key principles with Dot Dash 3 is that artists and curators can create their own bespoke environment for viewers to explore and view the art in. Currently the spaces are mostly white cubes, but if the artists wanted to be more imaginative, creating environments that reflect their aesthetic, it could make for an unusual and fun experience. “The platform is highly configurable and allows the content creator (artist or curator) to dictate the layout, how the space is seen by a visitor, and all supporting multimedia information.” says founder Larisa Leventon. “A lot of virtual applications of galleries and museums have been created as a way to document what exists in physical space. This platform enables the opposite to happen: it facilitates creation of an exhibition that has not ever existed and which may not even be possible to stage in physical reality; it allows ideas to be born out of the artist’s or curator’s imagination and their artistic practice to reach new heights.”

Image: View of “Animate Me”, curated by Boshko Boškovic