Louise Bourgeois – “Art is a guarantee of sanity.”

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Louise Bourgeois
“Louise Bourgeois; The Complete Prints & Books” will document every print and illustrated book created by Louise Bourgeois, ultimately comprising some 3,500 entries. Entries will be added to the site once a year, according to theme. The majority of the works in the catalogue are in MoMA’s collection; others may not have been examined by MoMA cataloguers, and their documentation was gathered from various sources.

Louise Joséphine Bourgeois (1911 – 2010), was a renowned French-American artist and sculptor, best known for her contributions to both modern and contemporary art, and for her spider structures, titled Maman, which resulted in her being nicknamed the Spiderwoman. In 2011 one of her Spider works sold for $10.7 million, a new record price for the artist at auction, and the highest price paid for a work by a woman artist.

She is recognized today as the founder of confessional art.

In the late 1940s, after moving to New York City with her American husband, Robert Goldwater, she turned to sculpture. Though her works are abstract, they are suggestive of the human figure and express themes of betrayal, anxiety, and loneliness. Her work was wholly autobiographical, inspired by her childhood trauma of discovering that her English governess was also her father’s mistress.

-> Louise Bourgeois at Cheim & Read Gallery.

Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, The Mistress and The Tangerine – Trailer for the feature-length documentary . Written and directed by Amei Wallach and Marion Cajori. Edited by Ken Kobland. For more infomation about the film, visit artkaleidoscope.org.

Louise Bourgeois – Spiderwoman

Alan Yentob meets the artist to discuss her career and observe the ‘Sunday salon’ where she passes on advice to young hopefuls. Part 2, 3 and 4.

Louise Bourgeois – No Trespassing (BBC Arena Documentary, 1994)

Directed by Nigel Finch. Part 2 and 3.

Louise Bourgeois: Maman

On the occasion of the Louise Bourgeois exhibition at Fondation Beyeler, the museum is showing the artist’s famous sculpture “Maman”. This video documents the installation of Louise Bourgeois giant spider sculpture in the garden of Fondation Beyeler in Riehen (Basel, Switzerland).