The Story of Jonathan Meese

Posted February 25th, 2013 under Contemporary Art, Germany, Videos

 Jonathan Meese
The German artist Jonathan Meese tells the incredible story of his childhood and of how he became an artist; how he invented his own language as a teenager, how he discovered his artistic talent on his 22nd birthday, and how he would have had just as much passion if he had worked in a bank.

The Story of Jonathan Meese

Interview by Christian Lund in Jonathan Meese’s studio in Berlin, February 2011.

Jonathan Meese: In art you have to go too far

Studio visit to the German artist Jonathan Meese, who believes in The Dictatorship of Art, that art should rule the world, and that playing is the most radical thing you can do.
Jonathan Meese (b. 1970) is a German artist who works with paintings, sculptures, installations and performances, which are all about The Dictatorship of Art.
That art rules the world means that everybody does what he or she does with total passion, Meese says. He wants people not to be instrumentalized, he wants “a new wind”.

Vice: An Abstract Look at Art with Jonathan Meese

Homepage of Jonathan Meese

Image from Canadian Art: Artist Jonathan Meese poses with some of his artworks in advance of his exhibition at Greener Pastures Contemporary Art. Courtesy of the artist and Kineko Ivic