Mounir Fatmi – Oriental Accident

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Oriental Accident
Oriental Accident is an online web project based on a sound installation made in 2011 by Mounir Fatmi.

The web site gathers sound experiments and sounds of demonstrations happening in the Arab world since January 2011. Mounir Fatmi selected 22 sounds as an echo to the 22 countries of the Arab League. The visitor can play the sounds altogether until saturation. The site aims to become a barometer of the tension and pressure on the Arab street.The project started with the commission of an analysis of the Arab world for the Spanish edition of the Cahiers du Cinema in April 2011. After writing this article, mounir fatmi created a sound installation, Oriental Accident, which was exhibited for the first time in Dublin Contemporary 2011.
This installation consists of a Persian carpet laid out on a crate that resembles to a stage for these demonstrations.The speakers are inserted into the Persian rug, and nails are placed within to vibrate and add a metallic resonance to the whole installation.On the floral pattern of the Persian carpet, the speakers seems to be a metaphor to some kind of volcano ready to explode and reinforce the violence between dictatorship and a dream of freedom.

Mounir Fatmi – “Oriental Accident”

Video/Heinrich Schmidts – a Lombard Freid Projects
music/Bahramji “Sufi Safir” – music/MOGH “Black magick”
re-edit for AKL, 2012

Mounir Fatmi was featured as the Artist of the Month in December 2011 for ikonoTV’s launch in Germany!

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