Video Spotlight Series 2013: Winners of the Open Call for Sculptors

Posted March 8th, 2013 under Art, Featured, Ikono, Open Call, Sculptures, Video Spotlight Series 2013

This year we started a great collaborative project with Artconnect Berlin, aimed at promoting the visibility of the arts on a local and international scale. The Video Spotlight Series 2013 consists in a series of five Open Calls, each focused on a different media, namely sculpture, photography, painting, installation and drawing. Throughout the whole year Berlin-based artists are invited to submit their best art pieces, which will be carefully discussed and revised by ikono’s team of curators. Eventually, two artworks will be selected from each open call and presented on ikonoTV and Artconnect’s international media platforms during the following months. More specifically, ikonoTV will produce a unique film for each winning artwork, while Artconnect Berlin will conduct in-depth interviews with the artists. The videos will be broadcasted on our HDTV channels ikonoTV and ikonoMenasa, and will remain available on our Vimeo channel and on both our and Artconnect’s blogs. At the end of the year, ikonoTV will produce a special show featuring the highlights of all the ten winning artworks.

With great pleasure we are now announcing the first two winners of the #1 Open Call for Sculptors: Elizabeth Delfs and Steffen Kasperavicius!

Elizabeth Delfs is an Australian artist based in Berlin, who chooses light, delicate and flexible materials for her wonderful sculptures. “Whether shaped around a human body as sculptural garments, or hanging like fragile natural organisms from a ceiling, her pieces maintain a certain architectural structure which plays with materials and colors, almost turning them into living organisms” writes Teresa Iannotta from Artconnect after having interviewed the artist. Feel free to continue reading the interview here.  The work she is presenting us is “Revolution Series VI”, conceived with the body as the intersection between architecture and fashion: The sculptures’ shapes are loosely based on elements of the body such as the curvature of the spine supporting the core of the body during movement, or the skeletal structure of the rib cage protecting the lungs.

You can find further detailed information about her fascinating art on her website.

© Elizabeth Delfs

Steffen Kasperavicius is a German artist who works with sculpture, installation, sound, video and found objects. The sculptures “Array (Wheel)” and “Array (Cascade)” (take a look at the images and video below), are both made of euro-pool pallets. As you can read in the interview by Ed Mc Aliece from Artconnect, “…pieces by Steffen can either be the result of laborious planning and high technical demands, or simple contextual gestures, completed in minutes. In this way, Steffen is able to underscore the tension arising between a successful, completed work and  a ‘failed’ piece; his work questions the necessity of the realised object, the expectations of the viewer, and the perspectives offered by art historical timelines”. Find out more about him and his incredibly diverse art on his website.

© Steffen Kasperavicius

We take the chance to remind you that the #2 Open Call for Photographers is currently open and will close on the 11th of March.

Spread the word, there’s still time to submit!