Global Street Art – Palestine, Egypt and Libya

Posted April 6th, 2013

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Global Street Art
Journalist and blogger Soraya Morayef, who has covered the Egyptian revolution’s graffiti, produced new video reports about the street art of the Arab world, as part of a series for MOCAtv, the YouTube channel of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

Read Soraya Morayef’s blog here.

Global Street Art – Libya – Art In The Streets

In this video, students of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tripoli, Libya join street artists and professors to participate in a massive mural that spans the walls across from one of Muammar Gaddafi’s former compounds. The structures of a force that once terrified and oppressed the Libyan people are now reduced to rubble; on the other side of the road, artists paint images of hope, peace and unity. Street art – and any form of creative expression – was unthinkable during Gaddafi’s rule, and it’s uplifting to watch these artists repossess their city’s walls with artistic expression.

Filmed in Tripoli by Osama Al Fitory. Music by Modus and Beta Music for MOCAtv. Featuring the works of Taha El Aga, Asmaa El Sewesy, Ayman El Jehani , Rayan El Azzaby and many others. Produced by Soraya Morayef

Global Street Art – Palestine – Art in the Streets

This video provides brief insight into the struggle of Palestinian street artists living in the Palestinian Territories, and how they use graffiti to communicate in a state of perpetual oppression and injustice. Graffiti was used by Palestinians during the first Intifada (uprising) to give a voice to those ignored by media. By the second Intifada, graffiti had become more elaborate in its aesthetics. Here, the artists Hafez Omar, Areej Mawasi, Majd Abdel Hamid and Hamza Abu Ayash discuss their beliefs and obstacles as artists working under occupation.

Featuring the work of Hafez Omar, Areej Mawasi, Majd Abdel Hamid and Hamza Abu Ayash. Filmed in Ramallah and the West Bank by May Odeh and Fuad Hindieh. Music by Georges Moussayan. Produced by Soraya Morayef.

Global Street Art – Egypt – Cairo SprayCan Rebels

Egypt’s January 25 revolution helped bring out the best in raw and potent urban arts, most of all in the graffiti scene in Cairo. This short video gives a brief glimpse into the always evolving street art scene that has gone from strength to strength and become a valuable component in the creative resistance to Egyptian authorities and establishment.

Produced by: Soraya Morayef
Directed and Edited by: Marwan Imam
Music by: Ahmed Safi

Footage courtesy of:
Islam Momtaz
Soraya Morayef
Amir Nazeer
Farah Saafan
Ian Lee
Rodina Mikhail
Carmel Alyaa Delshad
Featuring the works of:
The Sad Panda
Kareem Gouda
Charles Akl
Amr Gamal
Ammar Abo Bakr
Mohamed El Moshir
Laila Magued
Alaa Awad
Amr Nazeer
Iyad Oraby
Aref and Hoda Ismail
Ahmed El Masry
Saiko Manio
Ahmed Abdallah
Shaza Khaled
Alia El Tayeb
El Teneen
Hossam Shukrallah
Ziad Tarek
Mariam Abou Ghazi
Youssef Bagato
Saif Roshdy
Mostafa el Tourkhy
And many others who remain anonymous

Upload More Art – Art in the Streets

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and its online channel MOCAtv announce a call to action to graffiti and street artists and supporters around the world to upload videos showing the freshest art in public spaces. #mocatvupload

The suggested length of video is 1-3 minutes, and the artwork/s featured can be commissioned or uncommisioned, either new or executed in the last year. Films may include brief interviews with the artist/s as well as background about the location or local culture, but they should focus mainly on the production and placement in the street.

Upload your video to youtube with #mocatvupload in the title by June 15 so that curators Jeffrey Deitch, Martha Cooper, RJ Rushmore, Carlo McCormick and Ethel Seno can select works to be featured on MOCAtv. Filmmakers whose videos are selected may also be invited to create exclusive content for MOCAtv. With any questions about your submission, contact

Image of the Mohamed Mahmoud mural from suzeeinthecity