Erykah Badu & Janelle Monae shake up art world

Posted May 3rd, 2013 under Fashion, Music, Satire

Janelle Monae Feat. Erykah Badu - Q.U.E.E.N.
Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you will probably agree that Electric Lady Janelle Monae is the coolest sort of superdupermegastar we got right now and her latest video (featuring Erykah Badu, the other superdupermegastar all the boys at ikono are in love with) is one that should not be missed by anyone.

Janelle Monae Feat. Erykah Badu – Q.U.E.E.N.

And in case you haven’t figured it out yourself, the video pays tribute to the legendary film Qui Etes-Vous Polly Maggoo? (Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?) which we have embedded below as well.

Who Are You, Polly Maggoo? (1966)

Who Are You, Polly Maggoo? (French: Qui êtes vous, Polly Maggoo?) is a 1966 French film directed by William Klein.
It is a satirical art house movie spoofing the fashion world and its excesses. It stars Dorothy McGowan as supermodel Polly Maggoo being followed by a French television crew. It also stars Grayson Hall as Miss Maxwell, a fashion magazine editor modeled after Diana Vreeland, and Philippe Noiret as the TV reporter and director. Also appearing in the film are Jean Rochefort, Sami Frey and Alice Sapritch.
McGowan, the Brooklyn-born star and one-time Vogue cover girl in 1962, was one of William Klein’s favorite models. After the release of the film, which was McGowan’s first and only film role, she disappeared from public view and apparently neither acted nor modeled again, according to Klein