The Wasteland Project at the Lancaster Museum of Art and History

Posted May 13th, 2013 under Education, Enviroments, Found Art, Shows, USA

The Wasteland Project at the Lancaster Museum of Art and History
The Wasteland Project utilizes art and environmental education as a creative catalyst for living greener, more sustainable lives.

The goal of Wasteland is to teach—through hands-on art projects—as many students and community members as possible about the effects of illegal dumping on our beautiful desert ecosystem. 660 visual and performing art students will help clean up illegal dumpsites in our community while using found objects collected from the dumpsites to create works of recycled art. The artwork will be unveiled at the Eastside High School’s Annual Arts Showcase followed by a showing on the MOAH roof deck as part of the next museum-wide exhibit called: BLOOM 2013 in celebration of flowers and spring time and the one-year anniversary of the opening of MOAH on the BLVD. Students will not only help clean up illegal dumpsites and create works of recycled art based on the flower theme, they will craft a documentary film on the entire month-long Wasteland project, design and create posters, write and recite poetry and share spoken word performances, and collaborate with other departments such as heath, mathematics, science and theatre to integrate the experience across disciplines.

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