Visual Arabia 2013

Posted May 3rd, 2013 under Animation, Arab World, Calligraphy, Design, Videos

Visual Arabia
Most excellent website “Watch the titles” is taking a look at Visual Arabia 2013, the gathering of creatives in the field of design, illustration, animation and photography which took place for the first time on March 20, 2013 in Dubai: “Visual Arabia 2013 was born when organiser and creative director Kamil Roxas quickly realized that there was a lack of opportunity to share and inspire between creative cohorts in the Middle East, having personally experienced great creative symposiums and conferences worldwide.

“I’ve always been a fan of MK12 creative studio but was confused when I heard that they were coming to Dubai for Visual Arabia 2013,” Juan Behrens starts off.

“Then I saw the whole list of attending speakers, including Amsterdam’s Onesize, and got excited, seeing Dubai bring all this talent in from abroad and forming an honest approach to promoting the design culture.”

A resident of Dubai at the time, Behrens was invited by Roxas to create the opening titles for Visual Arabia 2013 and in doing so has tried to capture the mystique behind Arabic calligraphy. Behrens has centered the opening titles to revolve around this delicate and traditional artform but has also breathed a decidedly airy and avant-garde twist to its usual appearance.”

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Visual Arabia
Above: Calligraphy for Eric Kim. “Process from one of the first rough calligraphies that made it to the main piece.”