Art Story – An animated Journey into Art History

Posted July 26th, 2013

Animation, Art History, Film

Art Story
“Art Story” is an original animated feature film about a boy and his grandfather who get stuck in a vast and imaginative world of paintings.

It’s a story about an 11-year-old, meticulous boy, WALT, and his crazy, loopy GRANDPA — two complete opposites — who get stuck in a vast, imaginative WORLD OF PAINTINGS. Inside, they cross paths with a ruthless painted character determined to make it into our world. In order to get home and stop the villain, Walt and Grandpa have to set aside their differences, work together and navigate worlds where the rules can change around every corner.

It’s structured like a hilarious, character-driven, buddy picture (“Planes, Trains & Automobiles,” “I Love You, Man” etc.), but takes place INSIDE THE WORLD OF SOME OF THE GREAT MASTER PAINTINGS OF ALL TIME … where the characters change their appearance to match the style of each painting — and meet lots of wildly entertaining characters. It also explores and was inspired by that special relationship between a grandchild and their grandparent — not something you see often in films nowadays.

“Through a combination of hand-drawn, CG animation, and different rendering techniques, you can make stuff look like a Van Gogh or a Lichtenstein,” the filmmakers told The Wrap. “You can really make those worlds come alive. The technology’s there.”


Behind the scenes of “Art Story,” an animated feature film by Disney veterans that takes place INSIDE some of the world’s most famous paintings.

Meet the Makers

Chuck Williams joined Digital Domain Media Group in 2010 after a 21-year career as a Disney animator. While at Disney, he worked on such films as The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast. He was executive producer of the 2003 animated feature Brother Bear, which fellow TEDxThePineSchool speaker Aaron Blaise directed.

Chuck Williams is a creative producer/director and experienced storyteller with proficiency in story development, leading large teams, and multi-million dollar feature films. He is consistently successful in idea generation, story development, and getting projects greenlit to create original, multi-faceted, mass entertainment films. He works in close partnership with directors and other filmmakers to strategically position projects and produce them.

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