Artistico – Art world goes mobile gaming

Posted July 30th, 2013

Art History, Games, Mobile

PlayArt Labs, a developer of cultural-themed mobile games, today launched its first app Artistico, which is a game set in a world of visual art. PlayArt Labs created Artistico to entertain and stimulate cultural awareness as players progress through a series of fun and challenging puzzles across various ages of art history.

Artistico was designed as an entertaining game with a cultural twist for people across generations to enjoy in groups, pairs, or solo. Artistico combines challenging puzzle mechanics with the experience of viewing and interacting with some of the world’s most beautiful art. With each level, players can examine and be inspired by the details of famous art masterpieces from Van Gogh’s Starry Night to Raphael’s School of Athens.

Artistico takes players on a journey where dreams and the real world collide (click here to see Artistico’s introduction video). The story is about a man who loves art and his pet bird. One day while reflecting on his favorite works of art, the man drifts into an artistic dream. His bird is swept away into the dream and gets lost. During the game, players help the bird get back home by piecing together the fragments of art that she and her owner experienced and enjoyed.

“We created Artistico to promote a new type of engagement with art,” said Adir Wanono, CEO of PlayArt Labs. “Gaming is first and foremost about enjoyment, but we believe mobile games can be so much more than a mindless way to kill time. There’s an opportunity for people of all ages to extract cultural value from gaming, and Artistico is meant to entertain, but in the process, to remove the taboo of touching art and ignite a spark of inspiration for people to experience, learn about and fall in love with the world’s great art and artists.”

Each art history age includes five to eight paintings (levels) that contain missing objects that players must properly place within a certain time to restore the painting. The faster a player completes a level, the higher the score. The game also awards up to three stars based on the speed a player completes the level.

Every level features Power Ups that give hints to restore the painting, and players can discover hidden features to advance to the next level. Around 25 objects are associated with each painting, but a combination between eight and 22 are given based on each level’s difficulty, offering players a new experience every time. Once players finish a level, they can explore fun and educational facts about the artist and painting. Players that complete all the ages will discover a secret video that completes the journey.

Artistico is available in the Apple App Store for iPad 2 (iOS 6 and above). The “Roots of Modern Art,” which includes eight paintings, is free. As an in-app purchase, Artistico offers more ages in packages of two at .99 cents per package, or all current and future ages for $2.99. The first package includes the “Middle Ages” and “Salon.” The next package includes the “Northern and Italian Renaissance.” Ages coming soon include “Modern Art,” “The Ancient World,” and “Art Around the World.”