The Venus of Google

Posted July 12th, 2013 under Digital Art, Internet, Mashups, Sculptures

Venus of Google
The Venus of Google was ‘found’ via a Google search-by-image, googling a photograph taken of an object artist M Plummer-Fernandez had been handed over in a game of exquisite corpse. The Google search returned visually similar results, one of these being an image of a woman modelling a body-wrap garment: “I then used a similar algorithmic image-comparison technique to drive the automated design of a 3D printable object. The ‘Hill-Climbing’ algorithm starts with a plain box shape and tries thousands of random transformations and comparisons between the shape and the image, eventually mutating towards a form resembling the found image in both shape and colour.

I’m interested in this early era of artificial intelligence, computer vision, algorithmic cultural artefacts, and the paradox of technology being both advanced and primitive at the same time.”

The Venus of Google

Fascinating stuff. Go to for more.

Wired has some more details: Artist Creates Modern Venus de Milo Using Google Images and 3-D Printing