Beth Derbyshire; Ulrike Haage – Arctic Study 3 – After Barnett Newman

Posted September 4th, 2013

Beth Derbyshire & Ulrike Haage - Arctic Study 3 - After Barnett Newman

Beth Derbyshire is a multi-disciplinary visual artist working in innovative ways in the public realm, embracing subjects such as war, remembrance, nationality and environment. Beth has delivered a wide rage of public art projects over the last 16 years working with many different communities, such as people from deaf communities, military planners, refugee and veteran groups. Amongst them are citywide projects in London and Montréal, which resulted in events, performances, films artworks and interventions through urban landscapes.

Beth Derbyshire’s practice explores the diverse nature of human presence and expression within social and civic registers. Themes examine silence in society, conflict and collective memory, nationality and identity. Her projects use metaphors of landscape, sea and song to explore ideas around territory, nationality, identity and language, borrowing from sources such as national anthems, myths, scientific terms and place names. Beth’s work explores the way nature is used to represent social, cultural and political values. In turn she contributes to our cultural relationship to nature though her video and mobile art works that synthesize voice, music, words and image. She creates multi-layered projects through collaboration with individuals, groups and organisations, capturing and platforming “voice” through ephemeral works.
Beth’s subject matter comes from the public realm (current affairs). The nature of these projects is governed by the subject matter and formed through collaboration. The outcomes are defined by both of these factors. These multiple partnerships seek to cross industry sectors and to bring together many voices.
The range of groups Derbyshire has worked with demonstrates her ability to work with a vast range of people in both small and large groups. An essential component to Beth’s projects is to create experiences and artworks that are open to all making the projects far-reaching and accessible. Her projects consistently demonstrate value for money and she listens closely to the needs of the different participants and commissioners to develop an insightful understanding of requirements. Beth’s projects works a cross many different media platforms and reach wide audiences.

On Air: Arctic Study 3 – After Barnett Newman by Beth Derbyshire and Ulrike Haage

The ikono On Air Festival is showing the film Arctic Study 3 – After Barnett Newman ((2006, 3:02 Min.) by Beth Derbyshire with music by Ulrike Haage.


- Homepage of Beth Derbyshire: www.bethderbyshire.com
- Homepage of Ulrike Haage: www.ulrikehaage.com