Earthscape Art – The City Exposed

Posted November 27th, 2013

Contemporary Art, Land Art, USA, Videos

The San Francisco Chronicle has commissioned a piece of art here: “Andres Amador looked over a rock wall at tire tracks running through the canvas that the receding tide had left on the beach below the Cliff House. A pained look came across his face.

He went back to his car, pulled out an armload of modified rakes and headed down the cliff to an area of Ocean Beach a few hundred feet north of where he had planned to work. There, the freshly packed sand was pristine but for a few faint footprints. He had roughly two hours to complete a new masterpiece before the tide would come back and erase it.”

“I didn’t consider myself an artist until just a few years ago,” Amador said. “It always felt as though I was tinkering – as though I were playing with Legos – until the art started to take on a life of its own.”

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The City Exposed

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