Zervos – THE Picasso Catalogue Returns

Posted November 27th, 2013

Art History, Books, Modernism

Picasso biographer John Richardson, Cahiers d’Art’s Staffan Ahrenberg and Sotheby’s Philip Hook preview the extraordinary new edition of Christian Zervos’ enequalled and historic 33-volume Picasso Catalogue.This massive undertaking became Zervos’s life work and one of the most influential pieces of scholarship on the 20th century’s most renowned artist.

The New York Times: “Staffan Ahrenberg, a Swedish collector of contemporary art, was walking along Rue du Dragon in Paris one day in 2010 when he noticed Cahiers d’Art, a legendary gallery and publisher. He recalled seeing Cahiers’s lovingly designed art books, including a famous catalog of Picasso works annotated by Christian Zervos, in his father’s library. He ventured inside and asked two questions: “Who owns Cahiers d’Art?” and “Would he sell it?”

Cahiers had been languishing since its founder, Mr. Zervos, died in 1970, and the current owner said yes, he would part with it.

Mr. Ahrenberg bought the publishing rights, and the gallery is now reissuing “Pablo Picasso,” or as art world denizens call it, “the Zervos,” the most prominent catalogue raisonné of Picasso’s paintings and drawings. Comprising 33 volumes and more than 16,000 images, it was the result of an intense four-decade collaboration between the artist and Mr. Zervos. ”

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